All about Prefab Homes: Know more about future of construction

If you think prefab homes are the new form of house construction, then you are wrong. Prefab house construction, if we literally explain, it is a form of assembling the parts of the house and creating a finished structure.

However, the positive aspect of prefab housing such as affordability and environment-friendly has attracted a huge set of audience. When you dive deep into the making of prefabricated houses, you can explore more about their sustainability and fast construction of buildings.

We have mentioned more about prefabricated houses below:

What is a prefabricated home?

In true sense, prefab homes are the homes that are constructed off-site or in factories, piece by piece which is later transported to the site and are assembled to desired structure by the workers. It can be custom-made modular prefab houses or it could be large steel-structured built for storage purposes by the companies.

What are the types of prefab houses?


Prefabricated homes are of many types which depend on the process of construction and the style chosen by people.

Here are some of the types of prefab houses:

Manufactured Prefab Homes

Manufactured homes are also known as mobile homes, these are one of those mobile houses you see on the highways inside a trailer. You can prefix all the comfort you wish to have inside the trailer and move with it all around the world. However, the sustainability of these mobile houses is low. But these are one of those which are manufactured entirely in factories.

Modular Prefab Houses

The modular prefab homes are built in factories with all the comfort attached to them, just that the parts of the houses are carried to the plot or to the destination and assembled everything there. The modular prefab houses have all aspects of a modular house starting from a well-fitted kitchen, with all basic plumbing, doors, wardrobes, and electrical aspect as well.

Panelized Homes

In case of panelized homes or kit homes, they are mostly formed out of panels that are fixed at the site. It can be of any size or any shape. It is just like buying a shelf from a shop and fixing it in a house after transporting it to the place or house. In these types of prefab houses, the interior work requires more attention and effort.

As time and technology evolve, most architects prepare a blend of all and create a structure that looks more attractive and beautiful that you just ignore the fact of the house being a prefabricated house.

How long a prefab home requires to be built?


Since most of the parts of the prefab homes are built inside the factories, it takes less time compared to traditional way of building a house. Also, the environmental problem does not affect the construction of the house. However, the building of prefabricated houses usually depends on the size of the house, other requirements, if there are any add-ons to the construction of the house.

On an average, prefab homes can be built in three to six months easily. As everything depends on the factory production if the days are going on heavy demand or not. In the case of prefab homes, the architects can give a predictable date to deliver the house.

Are prefab homes more sustainable than traditional homes?


Well, the answer is yes in a lot of ways. Prefab homes produce very less waste when compared to the traditional way of house building. In traditional way of house building, all the raw materials are carried to the site and mixed and used then and there which can lead to a lot of waste whereas in prefab house building it can be reused.

Prefab homes involve fewer workers and take less number of days in construction as compared to traditional house building. The advantages of prefab homes are it is easy to repair the houses and the parts of the houses are durable.

Though there are a few companies that offer prefab housing services, one of those is Champion Prefabs. They have been providing services world-wide for a long time now! The architects of Champion Prefabs offer 3D designs to help people with a clear image of their house.

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