Why you should switch from Traditional Homes to Prefab Homes

In recent years, and decades, people have been traditional homes that were built with so much effort, manual labor, high costs, cemented bases, and so on. But in the past 2 decades, business owners, as well as residents, have been switching to prefabricated homes.

But then have you thought about the advantages of prefabricated houses and the increasing demand in recent times. Be it for wooden prefab houses, or modular prefab houses, the craze is same for all.

Well, let’s get to know why prefabricated homes are the most preferred and loved!

1. What are Prefab Homes really?


Technically prefabricated homes are housing structures that have been pre-built in factories in order to reduce construction time, environmental pollution, less manpower involved, and the cost of building homes too. In terms of environment, prefab homes are known for their eco-friendly aspect which doesn’t harm the environment, there are no increased numbers of concrete homes almost the same as regular homes

Answering again, prefab homes are the future of housing and building structures, saving space for the rest of the world to enjoy the basic amenity of shelter, coming with many other benefits. In short, prefabs homes are a sustainable way of building shelter without having to hamper a number of factors.

2. What is the need for prefabricated homes?

When we consider traditionally built houses, it comes with a lot of non-degradable residues which in some or the other way affects the environment. Not only this, when a prefabricated house is built, since all the parts are made in factories and then transported to the site, the first adventure is that it can be transported. If a person owns a prefab house, he/she can transport to one or another place which is impossible in terms of traditional house.

Speaking about the current need for prefabricated homes, these homes leave almost 0% waste and are designed to be eco-friendly.


3. Here’s why Prefab Homes are the need of the hour


  • Prefabricated homes do not have much waste to dispose of because mostly everything is consumed! If not consumed, it can be reused later in various manners.
  • The time required for the construction of prefab homes doesn’t take more than 3 months to get ready and start living. Prefabricated houses accommodate people super quickly!
  • Prefab homes cater to customized needs- roof types, room resizing, etc. which conventional homes cannot do.

 4. What are the types of prefab homes?


The technology has reached an ultimate level, the machines have started producing parts that are stronger than the cement and other elements. Prefab homes can be built in various ways using different materials. For example, prefab homes can be built using wood to build a prefab wooden house or farmhouse to spend time and relax.

People in urban countries prefer to live close to nature, they expect prefab homes but with modern technologies. The architects have started building modular prefab houses to provide high comfort to their clients.

Industries that require spacious steel structures to store their production, in the godown. The requirement for prefab steel structures has increased.

5. What are the advantages of prefab homes?


The construction of prefab homes has decreased the wastage that was produced in traditional buildings. It has also decreased the need for manpower which eventually lowered the cost of building a house.

The best part of building a prefabricated house is that if a single part of the house if getting affected, that particular part can be repaired without having to break the parts of the house.

In the simplest of terms, Prefab homes are a kind of ‘green building’ which must be adopted for effective sustainable development and living style.

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