Are Prefab Homes Sustainable

Are Prefabricated Homes Sustainable and is it The Future of Construction?

Prefab Houses have existed for centuries in fact but the light upon the modular homes, the fashionable, beautiful, and the comfortable ones. The introduction of prefabricated homes has gotten its place into the green architecture and technology & has wooed people with its environmental aspects like zero-emission, solar panels installation, and construction with recyclable parts.

In the recent years, there has been a huge cry and hue due to the deteriorating environmental conditions that have been constantly bothering everyone. In situations like this prefab homes have been a boon for the construction sector. When we arise to a question like “Are prefabricated houses future of construction?”, then the answer would be definitely a big YES.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons why prefabricated homes have become a sustainable solution for everyone.

Reasons why you should opt for a Prefabricated Home


Well, here we would focus on the major points that have impressed people to opt for prefab homes over the traditional constructions.

Saves water usage

No one is unaware of the water deficiency across the world & the number of initiatives taken to save water or to reduce the usage of water in every way possible. To support the following, the architects of prefab constructions design the homes in a way to reduce the heat loss by pipes, they have grouped the water flow to kitchen and washrooms using shorter water pipes to reduce heat loss. Not only this, but the installation of solar panels also helped people in saving electricity upto 90%.

Waste reduction


The best part of prefabricated homes is that the parts used to construct the prefab house are mostly recyclable and transportable. As most of the materials are made in factories, there is huge control on excess raw material waste which used to be more during the on-site house construction. Also, the advantage of a prefab house is that if you wish to reconstruct the house or renovate it, you do not have to demolish the entire construction, a lot of the parts can be reused and redesigned according to the requirement.

Sustainable materials usage

As the idea of prefab homes is to make it easy to transport and make them sustainable the architects use FSC certified timber and recyclable materials in constructing the interior and roof panels. To make modular prefab homes cozy & comfortable for both summers and winters, good-quality insulation (aka Structural Insulating Panel System) is a must.

Green Homes – Healthy Homes

The construction of prefab houses focuses majorly on using non-toxic or low VOC materials. It also avoids the harmful emission of volatile organic compounds into the air which can have an adverse effect on health.

Electric Energy Consumption

Help in reduction of electricity consumption

The installation of solar panels reduces the usage of electricity to a lot extent. Not only this, with modular homes homeowners opt for energy batteries that can be used as a substitute. The solar-generated electricity can be consumed and energy can be stored overnight. Some modular homes are designed in a way that they can sell their excess solar energy back to the main grid.

When it comes to listing out the benefits and advantages of building a prefab home, you will find endless points to focus on, but the above-mentioned are some of the major points to support prefabricated homes.

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