Prefab Container Homes

Prefab Container Houses: A smart solution to urban living

It’s the 21st century and when it comes to habitat, one needs to think beyond concrete and cement buildings. How about finding eco-friendly green alternative to traditional living spaces? We are talking about prefabricated shipping container homes! Champion Prefabs, with its array of flexible designs and colours offers prefab container home for sale, transforming the manner in which people’s dwelling places are built.

Ideal living spaces and sanitation are recurring challenge for governments globally. While costs are teeming, there’s also the need to be attentive to the damage caused on nature. Modular eco-friendly shipping container houses therefore are the alternative that one should be aiming for.

With customized features, seamless finish, longer service life and low-maintenance – Prefab container houses, is the solution to a global challenge.

Leveraging our expertise with Prefabricated Shipping Container Home

Container Homes as eco-homes is new to some the markets – and we at Champion Prefabs are here to familiarize one with it. We are regarded by many as leaders in building prefab container houses for sale and have successfully completed projects across major geographies.

With shipping container houses we redefine comfortable and economical living.

Some of the highlights of container homes include:

  • Weatherproof and leak proof even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Easy to dismantle and reassemble
  • All modern fixing possible including AC, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.
  • No Civil foundation required and more
  • Durable with fabricated steel panels
  • Appropriately insulated to bear extreme temperatures
  • Built with advanced weather proof materials
  • Custom-built with easy modification options available

So invest in Prefab Homes today! While others are still struggling to do away with housing problems the traditional way this is your chance to choose a safer, greener option by buying prefabricated homes.

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