How Prefab Housing is changing the traditional

How Prefab Housing is changing the traditional way of building Homes

To know more about modular construction, it is important to know what it is, and what has led prefabricated homes to this level of appreciation and acceptance.

What are prefabricated houses?

‘Prefabrication’ earlier was known as the buildings that were finalized on-site, however, the notion has changed now and has brought a new and exciting innovation in building houses. Prefab house construction is it is technology-led designs, and safer materials that make houses durable, look modern, and have been the best way to tackle the housing crisis in the present scenario.

Prefab constriction is the new way of offsite construction that has uplifted the level of design, engineering, sustainability, and quality.

What are the benefits of building prefabricated homes?

What are the benefits of building

There has been a lot of misconception about building prefabricated houses, their safety, and how it is the best way out to fight the construction crises and problems. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of prefab houses:


According to stats, it is predicted that 90% of building materials can be decreased by the construction of prefabricated houses, which also curbs 67% of energy usage and at the same time reduces the emission of toxic gases as compared to the traditional way of building houses.


Quality is carried out throughout the project since it is a huge responsibility of building a house for people to stay in, it ought to be safe, not only just by boundaries but with the best quality of products being put during the construction of prefab house making it strong and safe of people. The proven result of the quality of prefab houses have made people accept the kind of modular houses and prefab homes.

Precautions taken to make Prefab Homes Safe

Precautions taken to make Prefab Homes Safe

The number of offsite construction have risen in due course of time and it is good for the sector’s image as well. Prefab homes tend to have more inclination to making it greener, quicker, cheaper, and easier to guarantee the consistent quality. It is also heard and been under work that many software are being involved in compulsory checks, forms, and approvals to move the project along for a better and safe future.

Fast, Better & Cost-Effective

It is said that modular buildings can be built 30% to 50% faster as compared to traditional construction, majorly due to improved operational processes to deliver a quality product quickly and with less cost than the old-school on-site house building methods.

Champion Prefabs’ Prefabricated Housing Solutions

Prefabricated Housing

Champion Prefabs has been serving people with best construction plans and solutions for over a decade, and have gained deep industry knowledge and experience during its service. Champion Prefabs have helped thousands of companies and families with innovative 3D designs and have helped them build a house of their kind.

Our expertise is mostly in modular and prefabricated houses, wooden houses, steel houses for industry use purposes and many more.

We would love to help you out with your housing requirements, we have experts and world-class architects who can help you build your dream house with zero worries and no pain at all.

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