Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Yes, steel framed homes are safe in lightning as we at Champion Prefabs provide with a safe path for lightning to travel to the ground, not causing any damage. When it comes to choosing between concrete homes or, stick- built homes and steel framed homes, steel framed homes get lots of thumbs up with regard to protection.

No, steel frame homes are not rustic in nature. Reason being, the steel is coated with a layer of enhanced aluminium and zinc, preventing corrosion.

No, not at all- steel frame homes do not look any different from conventional homes unless you want them to. As a matter of fact, steel- frame homes are a 100% compatible, ensuring top- notch finishes. The only difference between the 2 homes is that, steel homes are eco- friendly homes and conventional homes ain\’t.

Most countries- USA, Europe etc. allow 8 storeyed buildings using steel frames. You can also go as high as 5-6 storeys or, stick to a ground- floor home! Bottom line being, your house shall definitely last for at least 20 years, depending upon the quality of your prefab house. However, from the point of view of an engineer, there is no limit as to how high your prefabricated house can be built.

That’s a little secret of ours which you’ll come to know once you start living in one of our built homes. Be it the cabinets of your prefab home or, the flooring or, walls, our builder manages all the construction. Also, since our house is built off- site, it undergoes 35+ quality checks before it is open for you to live in.

Starting from the quotes you request and we provide with till the end product, it is all about you. Champion Prefabs is popularly is known for its accuracy and calculations, keeping in mind the precautionary expenses as well. If you know any of our prior clients, they shall tell you how they have saved several lakh rupees and dollars because of our calculations done by the finest of builders across the world.

Our clients are extremely experienced by the way in which we value time- not just theirs but, ours too. Remember, there are 30+ suppliers and sub- contractors behind just one prefabricated home. With effective time and risk managers like ours, be rest assured about the one- month deadline we are most known for. However, if your project is too elaborate or, needs time, we make sure you are well- aware of it before hand.

Yes, we surely do provide with the specifications, costs (we do not have any hidden charges) and so on. We are in no way insecure about you comparing our quote with brand XYZ. That is human nature. However, yes, whatever details you require from our end shall be provided to you in written form. All you need to do is, reach out to us and request for a quote.

Many things are inclusive in the quote like- roof price, housing cost, construction cost, time required, shipping costs etc. However, things excluded in the quote are the cost of land since, we do not purchase it. Additional services which you ask us to provide you with like insurance, demolition fee, permit fee etc. are also not inclusive in the quote.

You may find the initial costs really annoying and expensive. However, in the long run, instalments like that of insulation, windows, gas connections, LED lights, water harvesting and solar energy plants can do wonders. That is the way you can make your wooden homes or, any prefab structures energy- efficient.

Yes, you can have a garage attached to your prefab house- it can be detached as well. Remember, prefab houses are customized homes, you can have things just the way you like them to be!

Champion Prefabs started in India. However, we now provide with green housing solutions in Europe, USS, UK, Canada, Singapore and many other countries. Leave us a message and, we shall provide you with the best green housing solutions in less than 24 hours.

The basic housing structure is something we definitely provide with. However, when it comes to aspects like interiors, installation of garages, roof insulation, we charge extra. Reason being, each kind of prefab structure we build has its own specifications which may change as per your needs. However, the charges are minimal in comparison to the rest.

Well, yes. We at Champion Prefabs believe in transparency. However, only if our clients are willing to speak with you is when you shall get a chance to speak with them.

This question is hard to answer. We will definitely say (Yes) However, our testimonials, reviews, and other factors determine how good our brand is. Also, post building your prefabricated house, we provide with at least 1- year warranty period for your prefab home construction. On top of it, before the house reaches you, the house undergoes 35+ quality checks, ensuring the best quality, long- lasting prefab homes.

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