About Us

2005 – The year marked the dawn of Champion Prefabs and the next generation in green housing solutions! With the best of prefabricated structures, we at Champion Prefabs work towards providing comfortable pay for essay, clean, affordable and environmentally friendly living solutions to everyone.

At Champion Prefabs we encourage humans to take a 360 degree turn from concrete and mortar and embrace eco-friendly living spaces. The onslaught on nature, rising costs of building materials and time constraints – all of this makes prefabricated homes an obvious solution. Our solutions are therefore smart, green, quick while maintaining aesthetics and connection to the outdoors.

With prefab-solutions for commercial structures and private homes, we have over the years extended our market across India, Australia, Middle East, Africa, USA and more. Modern homes and structures for modern people – at Champion Prefabs we will make sure that a green lifestyle is no longer the privilege of a selected handful!

Core strengths of Champion Prefabs:

  • Innovative, integral, reliable
  • A qualified and extremely competent team of professionals
  • Diversified team- spread across 25 states in India, USA, and Africa
  • Strong network ensuring quality work at the best rates
  • Concern for the environment, ensuring sustainable work
  • Variety of homes- prefab cottages, wooden homes, container homessteel structure Homes, kiosks etc.
  • LEED Certified, ISO Certified
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