Being Eco-Friendly!

These days everywhere you see whether offline or online it is very common to hear these trending words Going Green or Being Eco-friendly. Taking the time to read this blog will hopefully be a motivation to follow this popular trend and embrace it. From plastic bags, straws, household cleaning products to electric vehicles, green processes […]

Role of Prefabricated Steel Buildings in Commercial Constructions


Steel Buildings gained popularity in the early 20th century for its use in commercial storage constructions and warehouses. Steel Buildings today offer unmatched cost effective benefits along with flexibility to customize according to the required design of the construction and are used for variety of commercial activities. Of all the benefits of steel buildings, the […]

Why are Container Homes so Popular?

Container Homes

“Container Homes” One will surely come across this word when she/he is browsing anything related to Eco-Friendly homes or Prefab Homes. They are one of the most widely present forms of modern Eco/Green Homes. Basically Boxes of Steel which are used for transportation of goods now used as a resource for construction through recycling or […]

Who is the Best Prefab Home builders in Bangalore?


  It can be a very tedious and time consuming experience to find the right Prefab home builders in Bangalore. Firstly there aren’t many companies who are into prefabricated home manufacturing in India. But Bangalore is a city that doesn’t disappoint. With the right guidance you can find anything and everything here and if it’s […]

Make Zero Mistakes while Building Your Prefab Home


Prefab homes are a blessing to all of use due to the extensive need of going green. Prefab homes are pre-built homes – the construction is done in a factory, instead of on-site construction. The prefab house is built in a controlled environment, saving time, money and other resources.However, How to build a prefab home […]

The New Green Approach for Living- 5R’s for a Green Home!


  Look at the world- one of our major struggles are not income, not lifestyle choices but, waste management! What if we as humans get empowered to manage our own waste and become zero-waste oriented? This blog shall enable you as a home-owner to become  zero-waste oriented, making our environment Eco- friendly to live in. […]

Why Prefab Homes are needed across the world- Study says!!


Why Prefab homes are needed across the world?   This is a question constantly asked by not just residents but, professionals in the housing sector too. Let’s give an answer to it? A study has shown that about 79% of waste generated as scrape is from bringing down houses and building new ones. Also, trees […]

Prefab Homes: A complete guide to “The Modern Way of living!!”

Container homes

  Ever heard of prefabricated homes? But then not really sure what exactly they are? Well this is the blog for you. Prefab homes are homes build offsite in prior and then transported and assembled in the location. The construction is done in manufacturer’s site using standard materials and designs making the process cost-effective and efficient […]

Now Bengaluru City is switching towards Prefabricated Houses in 2019


Prefab construction has been out there, across nations for the longest time now. In India, construction of houses is getting costlier and definitely harmful for the eco- system. Thankfully, a huge chunk of Bangaloreans are trending towards the idea of building prefab homes in Bangalore, India. Prefab homes are cost- effective houses, keeping in mind […]

How To Build A Prefab Home


Prefab homes are a blessing to all of use due to the extensive need of going green. Prefab homes are pre-built homes – the construction is done in a factory, instead of on-site construction. lets see, how to build a prefab home step by step process . prefab house is built in a controlled environment, […]

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