Who is the Best Prefab Home builders in Bangalore?



It can be a very tedious and time consuming experience to find the right Prefab home builders in Bangalore. Firstly there aren’t many companies who are into prefabricated home manufacturing in India. But Bangalore is a city that doesn’t disappoint. With the right guidance you can find anything and everything here and if it’s related to Prefab Homes you are at the right place.

Champion Prefabs are the new generation green housing solution providers in Bangalore. Established in 2005 with head office located in 6th sector, HSR layout-Bangalore, Champion Prefabs is regarded as pioneers in the field of green home buildings having being recognized as the best Greenfield project builder in India. They have experience of providing the best prefabricated structures which are customized to the customer’s preferences. They provide affordable, clean, and environmentally friendly living solutions to everyone.

Champion Prefabs was created with a mission to create a society that is environmentally sensitive, economically sensible and socially secure. They encourage an absolute shift from traditional housing due its extreme effects on the nature and also rising cost of building materials and time limitations. Champion Prefabs solutions are thereforewhile maintaining aesthetics and connection to the outdoors. Green

With prefab-solutions for commercial structures and private homes, Champion Prefabs have over the years extended their market across India, Australia, Middle East, Africa, USA and more.

Champion Prefabs are dedicated to make sure that a green lifestyle is no longer the privilege of a selected handful!


Core strengths of Champion Prefabs:

  • A qualified and extremely competent team of professionals who are dedicated to provide the solutions that are consistent with the customer’s problems
  • Strong network ensuring quality work at the best rates possible
  • Concern for the environment, ensuring sustainable work
  • Diversified team- spread across 25 states in India, USA, and Africa
  • Innovative, Integral and Reliable Company


Some of the best executed projects- https://www.championprefabs.com/projects/


Website: www.championprefabs.com

Phone: 9538863100

Head Office: 080 49034551

Mail id: info@championprefabs.com



Champion Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

J.S. Tower, #L32, 2nd A Main Road, HSR Layout,

6th Sector, Outer Ring Road, Agara,

Bangalore – 560102, Karnataka, India

Deekshith Author at Champion PrefabsDeekshith is a Nature lover and a Tech-Enthusiast. He likes to research and blog about the upcoming technologies that can help sustain the nature. He says “Environmental issues have influenced my thinking, since nature is now left at the relentless march of urbanization, encroachment and misuse of natural wealth resources”. He also works for Champion Prefabs, one of India’s best green building solution providers.
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