The pressing need to Reimagine the way we live through Prefabricated Technology

All systems and societies naturally develop. However, in this day and age, development is moving at breakneck speed, thanks to advancement in technology. The only problem is that not everyone considers the downsides that come along with unbalanced growth including impacts on people’s well-being and environment. It’s about time people start to change their perspective on unbalanced development by viewing the world in a completely different way.

Today, prefabricated technology has emerged as an answer to strict construction timelines and maintenance of uniform project quality. Increased precision, timely completion, minimum waste, and the faster delivery of projects have made it a popular choice amidst real estate developers across metros round the globe. Moreover, it addresses the environmental issues by reducing the carbon footprint since units are developed in the factory under controlled conditions.

Many developers have recently forayed into this trending field and are adopting prefabrication technology since it abides with construction quality standards, decreases waste and accelerates project development without hiking building charges. According to experts, with affordable housing foreseen as the future of the real estate industry, prefab technology is expected to play a gigantic role in its success. It not only overcomes the need for skilled labour but reduces the time lags, too. Overall, this technology comes as a relief for builders who are dealing with rising construction costs on a regular basis. With the constant growth in the demand for residential, commercial, leisured units, prefabrication technology seems to be the way forward for the real estate market.

Prefabricated homes create a WIN-WIN situation for both the developers and the buyers. Such projects not only involve shorter development cycle but assure the quality of construction too. It keeps property prices under control by eliminating the unnecessary cost escalations that arise due to delay in raw-material transportation or lack of skilled labours and helps the developers to pass on the price benefits to end-buyers.

We at Champion Prefabs hope that this idea of pre-fabricated construction will inspire the respective people in trade to become more guarded over the shoulder, because, “for decades we humans have over-consumed resources in terrifying amounts”. Indeed, we need to be a part of the solution by not creating pollution because environmental scientists strongly believe and predict that humanity will face resource scarcity and uncertainty for sure in the future. Pre-fab homes are more than just yet another profit-driven business sector or construction trend. They’re one of the ways to save the planet and build a better future. As such, we need a instil a strong mindfulness to transform the way we build and live; as our human habitual itself shouldn’t become a barn to the environment. On the same run the millennials and new technologies should become the driving force behind this much wider adoption of pre-fabricated way of dwelling their dream projects.

As we move forward, we are confident that this is going to become a prominent mindset of people to adapt with the changing landscape of construction to embrace the sustainability of our environment. As Prefabricated buildings are more than just yet another profit-driven business sector or construction trend to bring in our lifestyle. They’re one of the ways to save the planet and build a better future.


Deekshith Author at Champion PrefabsDeekshith is a Nature lover and a Tech-Enthusiast. He likes to research and blog about the upcoming technologies that can help sustain the nature. He says “Environmental issues have influenced my thinking, since nature is now left at the relentless march of urbanization, encroachment and misuse of natural wealth resources”. He also works for Champion Prefabs, one of India’s best green building solution providers.
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