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Why Bengaluru City is Switching Towards Prefabricated Houses in 2022

Prefab construction has been out there, across nations for a long time now. In India, the traditional construction of houses is getting costlier and at the same time, it’s time-taking as well. However, the population of Bangalore has started accepting the idea of building prefab homes in Bangalore, India.

Prefab homes are cost-effective houses, keeping in mind the space, resource usage, durability, and other essential aspects to spot on! The best part about prefabricated houses is that it helps in controlling the pollution or reducing the cause of traffic due to a huge number of house construction. As the prefabricated homes are factory-built houses and are assembled on the buyer’s land very conveniently having a house has become easy.

According to the statistics, when it comes to Bangalore prefabricated houses, there’s a rise in the demand for prefab houses – builders like Champion Prefabs have collectively built more than 25,000 houses. The reason being, its cost- beneficial, time-saving and extremely convenient for today’s generation – above all, it’s eco-friendly!


Bangalore is developing rapidly, as a majority of the population of Bangalore earns pretty well therefore, there’s a rise in the standard of living. Prefab construction has made it convenient for youngsters to build their own homes without too much thinking, investment of resources, and more.

Building a house brick by brick ain’t today’s policy, it’s more about luxury living at best rates, including convenience. Prefabrication takes 6 months to complete the housing projects – however, Champion Prefabs is one of the prefab house builders who has successfully been able to deliver prefab homes in less than 3 months, with 35+ quality checks and finishes.

Here are top 5 reasons why prefab homes are preferred in Bangalore City:



Prefab home construction is mechanized, making it durable & very strong. This amazing technology enables the houses to sustain the disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, etc. Guess what, in a country like India, seismic sensitivity is a must which building a house. Apparently, the concrete panels last longer, too, because of the high quality of elements used and their production in a controlled factory environment.


Cost of Prefab Home

Prefab houses can be built in your budget, provided you give them to your prefab home builder. Also, most of the work is done off-site, a lot of resources like time, raw materials, labour charges, etc. are cut down on drastically, saving a good amount of money.




You may wonder whether an entire house can be prefabricated or you can pick aspects of your house for starters. Well, prefab houses and Champion Prefabs are very flexible. Ceiling slabs, terrace blocks, wall panels, columns, and staircases can be fitted in your existing home.

Timely Deliverability

Prefab houses are known for their faster execution and timely delivery of the final product. And it is profitable to both developers and customers.

Environment Consciousness

Go GreenEco-friendly housing is the need of the hour. Especially, in locations like Bangalore, there’s so much pollution and change like this is would be amazing.


The government of India is aiming for something great – To ensure housing for all in the recent future – which requires constructing 30 million low-cost houses – as well as building 98 smart cities, which are both expected to provide a boost to prefab housing.

Lastly, may you have the loveliest prefab house in Bangalore or in any part of the world. The reason being, we got to live and, live green definitely!

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