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The New Green Approach for Living- 5R’s for a Green Home!

Look at the world- one of our major struggles are not income, not lifestyle choices but, waste management! What if we as humans get empowered to manage our own waste and become zero-waste oriented? This blog shall enable you as a home-owner to become  zero-waste oriented, making our environment Eco- friendly to live in.

Learn about the beginning steps you need to take in order to head towards a zero- waste home and we’ll move on with it with time:

1. Reduce what you can.

2. Refuse what you don’t need.

3. Reuse what you can make use of.

4. Recycle what cannot be reused, reduced and recycled.

5. Rot the rest.

Researches have shown the importance of the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. What about the other 2 Rs? Well, it’s still under research but, it’s definitely practical for you and your family to start off with.


Say no to stocking of items like pens, accessories, etc. Remember, the more things you stuff in the house, the more difficult it’s going to get to maintain zero waste. Do not encourage such behaviors or activities. In fact, your home symbolizes how your brain really functions. If there’s too much keep at home, it’s a sign of crunched up brains, thoughts and maybe more, psychologically speaking.



Reduce the usage of non-biodegradable products like plastics. Try reducing wet waste and not making use of dry waste at all. Reason being, you can easily consume wet waste- for example, instead of peeling vegetables, we can always consume the entire fruit/ vegetable without any hassle. You can also reduce your grocery list, keep your purchases very organic. Maybe have a kitchen garden of your own in your prefab house?



Reuse disposables like bottles, handkerchiefs instead of using paper napkins, for example. In fact, many offices, educational institutions and others have the provision to use mugs in order to intake beverages instead of drinking them from the waxed paper cups. Not only are you making your health better, you’re making a difference in the environment around you and in the long run too.

Try reusing grocery bags, travel bags etc. Indulge in washing products with good quality detergents which do not produce too much waste.




Recycling is all about making use of products in a variety of ways. This is the one place where you can get very creative. You never know how you can recycle plastic bottles, for instance! Or, you can always opt for second- hand textbooks, clothes and so on.


For people who do not like eating the wet waste generated as of now and have a garden, you can always create a decomposing unit wherein, you can put them in the soil for better plant growth. Also, to fertilize the soil. Other options cab be turning your trash can into a big decomposing unit wherein, you can throw your hair which has keratin in it, nails and so on which are all compostable.

Remember, if you become a zero- waste home, you can make a difference, inspire others and it can lead to a better world.

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