LGSF Construction Benefits

LGSF Construction Benefits

Additional Benefits of LGS Constructions :

Savings on Air conditioning costs with LGS Constructions:
Kindly refer the below tabular column which will highlight the Cost savings of Airconditioning costs with Light Gauge Steel constructions.
As we have better Thermal insulation, the Cost savings are also huge. As a Builder, we need to highlight this cost benefit to the end users & prospects.

The Impact of Good Insulation on Energy Saving in Airconditioners
Delta TemperatureEnergy SavingsUnits Saved/dayUnit Cost (INR/Unit)Amt Saved/day (INR)Amt Saved/Month (INR)Amt Saved/Year (INR)
2 Degree Temp reduction17%7.6510.0076.50 2,295.00 27,922.50
3 Degree Temp reduction23%10.3510.00103.50 3,105.00 37,777.50
5 Degree Temp reduction33%14.8510.00148.50 4,455.00 54,202.50
10 Degree Temp reduction50%22.5010.00225.00 6,750.00 82,125.00
Considering outdoor temperature of 35 degrees for a typical 2BHK house with 3 Airconditioners with total 4.5 Ton Capacity

Savings on Foundation:

With the light weight nature of the LGS building, you can save almost 30% on the foundation cost.

Comparison of Weight for a 4 Storied Building designed with LGS and RCC
Weight Comparison of RCC Vs LGSRCCLGS% Saving
Concrete Weight in Foundation (Tons)42029629%
Building Weight of Structural Materials (Kg/Sq.m)96043555%
Floor Slab weight (Tons)42523245%

Savings on Floor Slabs:

Additional Carpet Area in LGS Constructions Vs Conventional Constructions:
Another advantage with LGS Constructions over the conventional RCC Structure is the Extra Liveable Carpet Area with an LGS Structure

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