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Champion Prefabs brings you the concept of green homes and prefabricated quick to deploy solutions. Champion prefabs are Eco-friendly home built with the intention of curbing global warming for a greener mother earth. Our homes and prefabs are designed to meet all the requirements of residential, commercial and institutional buyers. Champion prefabs believe in keeping your environment cool, clean and GREEN.

Champion Prefabs are a collection of beautiful, sustainable, innovative, and high quality green homes. From design to construction; Champion Prefabs Homes offer factory-built solutions that make it easy for people to go green.
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How quickly can a wooden house be built?

Ans. On an average, a wooden house can be built at least 60% faster than traditional construction technologies. You can be sure that your imagination will be in front of your eyes within 3-5 months depending upon the project size.

Do you offer more than just standard models, i.e., can they be changed?

Ans. Yes, every Champion Prefab house is personalized and built to your specification. The only limit is your imagination!

Does a wooden house require much maintenance?

Ans.Depending on exposure to the sun, a typical house needs to be treated every 3-5 years, just as most homes require painting. This is economical and will give long-lasting benefits; with appropriate maintenance a wooden house can last indefinitely. Many centuries old wooden buildings are still standing and they did not have the benefit of today�s specially treated wood.

Do you use ecologically produced wood?

Ans. Yes, the wood comes from controlled forests. We only use environmentally-certified wood suppliers (Certificate ISO 140001 / Environmental Management System).

What kind of wood do you use?

Ans. We use SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir family) Lumber�a distinctly white wood with little color variation. It is widely used as a structural framing material in all types of residential, commercial, and industrial building applications. These trees grow slowly in the cold climate making their wood very dense and resistant.

Can other materials be incorporated in a wooden house?

Ans. Yes. For example, if wooden floors are not preferred, stone, tiles, or cork can be used instead. You just have to imagine and we are here to make it real.

What about the risk of fire?

Ans. Surprisingly, in a direct comparison with traditional building materials, wood behaves much better in fire. Concrete, for example, will crack and collapse under extreme heat. With wood, the charcoal generated by combustion forms a natural insulating layer during a fire, which protects the wood from becoming even hotter. Also, its load-bearing capability is almost fully retained.

Is it true that wooden homes are healthier to live in?

Ans. Definitely! Since wood 'breathes,' it allows a continuous flow of fresh air through its pores, preventing humidity and mold. Far less dust is also produced, so that those suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems feel a real benefit living in a wooden home.

What are the energy-saving benefits of wooden home construction?

Ans. Thermal mass refers to the log walls� capacity to absorb, store, and slowly release heat over time. Logs have thermal mass because of their cellular structure, bulk, and thickness. This thermal mass provides significant energy saving benefits because it releases heat back into the house when temperatures drop.

Due to this thermal mass, fully scribed log homes in most situations are 20-30% more energy efficient in terms of heating and cooling than other builds. They will stay cool in the summer and warm throughout the winter.

Can wood-built homes help with noise reduction?

Ans. Even though wood doesn�t act as a perfect sound insulator, it does prevent echoes from bouncing around the room by absorbing sound waves. When compared to its construction competitors, wood proves to be much more effective at sound insulation, especially when it comes to insulating between different rooms.

What will be the cost to build one of the wooden house plans I saw in your site?

Ans. To know about the cost estimation of a project, you can talk to our consulted Manager. He will give you all the details you need further. 

Can you provide me a price for my requirements? 

Ans. Yes, we can provide a budget cost or fixed-price quotation; just contact us and we'll be pleased to oblige. 

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