Why Prefab Homes are needed across the world- Study says!!

Why Prefab homes are needed across the world?

This is a question constantly asked by not just residents but, professionals in the housing sector too. Let’s give an answer to it? A study has shown that about 79% of waste generated as scrape is from bringing down houses and building new ones. Also, trees which are old can be cut down if only they are very old or where 2 trees have to be planted instead.

Here’s where a need of prefab homes are present. It is given immense importance by architects, builders, and other stakeholders today due to reasons not just related to the environmental impacts but, affordability, usability and so on. The beauty of prefabricated structures is that one can bring out their creativity, use money more efficiently, let the world know that being Eco- friendly is lovely and so on!

Prefabricated structures are of different types – the ones which are built using wood, on the other hand are set up using used containers or new containers. Steel homes can be made from steel waste or with the help of other materials.

Here’s the need of the prefab homes across the world based on studies:

Waste generation alone in India is about 500 million gallons each year– out of which, about 36% is coming from the construction sites.

Companies have norms with regard to factory waste, company waste etc. – why not start from their very own structures? About 79% of steel is wasted each year due to multiple reasons. Prefabricated homes are exceptional homes with so many options for explorations.

Bring out the best in you not just as a citizen but, as an artist too- design your house your way and let the world know how inspiring you can be. It’s hard to switch to a sustainable option. That’s fine- with a minimal budget, several prefab home builders can set-up the best of container homes, steel homes etc. which must be LEED certified at least. You need to switch to a more Eco- friendly option, it’s a must.

As you know concrete and brick homes, which we’ve lived in all our lives have always been a threat to our planet. Sustainable development is something we’ve all been working in a variety of ways and at this point there is more need for Prefabs than ever.

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