Steel Structure Buildings in India

Why Steel Structure homes construction?
There are multiple reasons why people shall benefit from steel homes the most. Since, countries often have extensive diversity with regard to climates, these modular homescan be built anywhere and so much steel can be recycled, saving the environment.
Here’s how you as a customer shall benefit from Champion Prefabs Steel homes:

  • The price- Yes, steel has a lot of competitors. However, steel wins all the time because of it’s short building time and low labor costs.
  • The satisfaction- Steel framing has 50 years warranty to it. Steel prefab modular frame homes are a solid investment- in simple words!
  • A green choice- Steel is extremely sustainable as a material and an exceptional environmental choice. Most of the work is done off- site so, minimal pollution takes place on- site, just to set up the prefab steel stucture house.
  • Recyclable- It’s 100% recyclable and has abundant simplicity coming with it.

Why buy Champion Steel Prefabs ECO Homes?

Here’s why our steel homes construction is popular all across the globe!
1. Great Structural strength – As a matter of fact, steel has the maximum strength to weight ratio of any material used for steel structure building. By nature itself, it’s a superior construction material. It prevents rotting, warping, splitting, cracking and so on. Most importantly, metal homes do not contract or expand with moisture content. Prefab metal buildings are a great choice!

2. Steel modular homes will always have extreme level of precision- straight walls, square corners, relieving you, our clients to find no defects like nail pops and so on anywhere. Steel structure building can take finishes like that of a brick, stone and so on.
Better Fire Protection- The most terrifying bit in a fire at home is of it spreading with high velocity. Steel prefab homes will not give in and contribute to the fire. It’s very less likely to spread from the area of origin.

3. Great termite and mold resistors – Mold is caused in a house due to extremely poor indoor air quality. Steel frame buildings help resisting the onset of molds.
Termites cause major damages in homes each year. They chew through houses and weakens the foundation of the house. However, prefab steel buildings are termite resistant because they’re made of steel!

4. They’re green modular homes – These prefab homes can be made from something as less as 6 recycled cars! Steel homes have a positive impact on the environment. Since, steel is unresponsive to the temperature and humidity changes, they’re more energy efficient, saving more on fuel costs.

Champion Prefabs Metal building homes are a blessing to today’s world.

Why Champion Prefabs as your steel home builder?

Champion Prefabs brings you the concept of green homes and prefabricated quick to deploy solutions. We are Eco-friendly and build pre-engineered steel buildings with the intention of curbing global warming for a greener mother earth. Our homes and prefabs are designed to meet all the requirements of residential, commercial and institutional buyers. Champion prefabs believe in keeping your environment cool, clean and GREEN.

Champion Prefabs are a collection of beautiful, sustainable, innovative, and high quality green homes. From design to construction; Our prefab steel homes offer factory-built solutions that make it easy for people to go green. Go for our steel buildings as our steel building manufacturers are exceptional with years of experience!

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