Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes: A complete guide to “The Modern Way of living!!”

Ever heard of prefabricated homes? But then not really sure what exactly they are? Well this is the blog for you.

Prefab homes are homes build offsite in prior and then transported and assembled in the location. The construction is done in manufacturer’s site using standard materials and designs making the process cost-effective and efficient for the manufacturer also reducing overall cost for the customer.

Many have this wrong notion that Prefab homes are homes build with wood. But that’s not the case. Prefab homes can be built with wood, steel, aluminum and also using shipping containers. Prefab homes are safer than people assume it to be. According to FEMA, Prefab homes are more capable of withstanding hurricanes than traditional slick built homes. Prefab homes are also more affordable, convenient and also enables for timely construction.

It’s not all about the homes. Prefab tents, toilets, Kiosks and also commercial buildings stand as an option for Prefab customers.

Let us see some of the important types of Prefabs:

1. Wooden Prefabs:

Wooden Prefab uses re-usable natural materials to build structures that are quick to set up, aesthetically pleasing also being cost-effective. Unlike concrete structures, wooden prefab cottages are airy and absorbs moisture. Owner can customize each wood-house as per his requirements and all modern amenities can be included.

Wooden Homes

2. Container Homes:

Container Homes are weatherproof and leak proof even under extreme climatic conditions. No Civil foundation is required and can be custom-built with easy modification options available. They are easy to dismantle and reassemble which makes it convenient for temporary and movable homes. All modern fixing possible including AC, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.

Container Homes

3. LGSF & Rapid Buildings:

Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) is a cold rolled load bearing steel framed wall system with an established history as an innovative and reliable construction material in World. The inherent strength and design flexibility of LGSF construction enables increased spans, custom openings, curved walls and a variety of external architectural facade treatments, making it a versatile choice of construction material.


4. PEBs:

Pre Engineered Steel Buildings consists of a complete steel framed building system, with pre-designed components to best suit the unique customer requirements. The final product is a complete building shell with sub structural systems including mezzanine floors, crane systems, canopies, fascias and interior partitions.

Pre Engineered Steel Building System is a standard in commercial and industrial market segments such as warehouses, distribution centers and industrial facilities and are continuing to make greater inroads into the low-rise sophisticated building market. Institutional and governmental constructions are some of the areas where Pre Engineered steel building systems are being used more and more. These buildings are increasingly recognized as reliable, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and cost-effective building alternatives.


5. Kiosks:

A small, free standing physical structure. Usually present in places with high foot-fall as an alternative to a brick-and-mortar setup. It is quick to construct, cost-effective and even portable (at times). Whether it’s a small business or large conglomerate, hospitals, airports, colleges and universities, an independent prefab kiosk store will always be beneficial. It saves on time and expenses as kiosk construction is economical and cost-effective to business (especially small businesses) as investment is minimal.

Prefab Kiosks

6. Prefab Toilets:

Prefab Toilets are a solution to global sanitation needs. Projects under which include mobile toilets and FRP urinals made of plastic, wooden and other related materials, providing complete sanitation and hygiene efficiency. Quick turnaround time of two to four hours for single piece construction and convenient design plans adept to fit in the most swarmed zones in towns and urban communities.

It can be upgraded to come with napkin incinerator, stainless steel wash bowl, mirror introduced inside, robotized cleaning instrument and more. In case of e-toilets, Bio Film Reactor can be set for using recycled water for flushing and cleaning.

Prefab Toilets

7. Prefab Tents:

These are not your ordinary tents. They are built with unique design principles and are built to withstand all weather conditions giving you the chance to host outdoor events without worrying about any inconvenience. They are quick to setup, weather proof, elegant and grand also easy to transport.

Prefab Tents


Hence prefabs is the way for a greener and better life whether it is homes or business structures. They provide lots of customization options along with effective utilization of assets in a cost effective manner. It is time to come out of the myth that Prefab homes are of low quality and hard to sell. Time has changed to where you would be surprised at the stylish and well-built new prefabricated homes and structures.

One of the best Green Building solutions Provider in India Champion Prefabs, having earned the LEED certification and reputation of providing smarter, cleaner and sustainable living options with its range of prefab Eco-homes and structures. A step towards keeping our planet green and environmental-friendly.


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