How Prefab Houses And 3D Designs Have Changed Housing Tradition

The construction scenario has changed in the past years, as the world is evolving the number of skilled workers has decreased and there is a huge shortage of housing. When the world is struggling to build a house that is easy on the construction part and also is less time-consuming, in cases like this 3D printing and the design of prefab houses and prefab construction have taken the limelight and bagged a lot of appreciation. It has not only got a different perspective on building a house, but it has also made house construction efficient, cost-effective, and making lives healthier and greener.

Here is the list of benefits of building Prefabricated Houses



Prefabricated houses have a significant potential to increase efficiency and productivity with regard to housing solutions. It enables the owner and the constructer an idea of planning, and reliability and also requires less manpower and monitoring efforts. As prefab houses are generally built with recyclable or reusable materials wood, steel, and other essential housing materials, it also reduces construction time drastically. It is said that one can save about 60% of construction time and 80% in labor while building prefabricated homes. In this sense, as everything is pre-planned and works on an automated process, prefab houses require little supervision and no manual input, reducing the chances of design errors and worker injuries.



High resource & energy efficiency are synonyms of sustainability. As prefab home has proven to be almost 100% eco-friendly, it has more benefits when compared to conventional methods. Besides that prefab houses naturally require fewer materials, bring a digital model to life, and ultimately minimize concrete use. As most of the parts of prefab homes are built in factories there is less construction waste. Prefab structures are sustainable and renewable. Thus, by using fewer materials, generating less waste, and potentially using natural or recycled materials prefab homes have created better housing solutions.

Design flexibility


As architects can provide 3D designs for prefab homes there are also chances of high design flexibility. It also allows a lot of changes that can be easily made within the digital model and offer you the best-prefabricated houses just the way you like them.

Prefab Houses have potential housing solutions


It is estimated that 900 million people among the global population are living in slums, while 330 million urban households can’t access affordable, adequate, and secure accommodation. As prices continue to rise, this number is only expected to increase. Therefore, prefab housing has the ability to build houses with high-quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendlier buildings. Prefab houses allow high design flexibility, it is easy to achieve a balance between beauty, form, and function.

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