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Champion Prefabs brings you the concept of green homes and prefabricated quick to deploy solutions. Champion prefabs are Eco-friendly home built with the intention of curbing global warming for a greener mother earth. Our homes and prefabs are designed to meet all the requirements of residential, commercial and institutional buyers. Champion prefabs believe in keeping your environment cool, clean and GREEN.

Champion Prefabs are a collection of beautiful, sustainable, innovative, and high quality green homes. From design to construction; Champion Prefabs Homes offer factory-built solutions that make it easy for people to go green.
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Aluminum Wood Villas- Move Towards Sustainable Living

Imagine this- you own a villa with not just timeless appeal but, durability too. That's what sustainable living along with trend is all about. Champion Prefabs affordable aluminum wood villas are all about combining the most eco- friendly elements available to us with not just trendy but, elegant and evergreen trends as well.

Live in durable, low- maintenance eco- friendly aluminum wooden villas in India brought to you by us with aluminum doors and windows designed complementing your style, your needs at home at unimaginably amazing rates!

While the reasonableness of high quality aluminum guarantees low upkeep to the outside of your home, the regular warmth and magnificence of timber imparts a sentiment polish to the inside. You can creatively add wooden finishes all over your house- rooms, living room, etc. in ways like hand- crafted carvings, textured wood and so much more and combine it with the tensility of aluminum. Build classic aluminum and timber composite joinery, keeping your window frames sturdy, free of any insects, dirt, etc. and minimize condensation in a country like India!

Combine light and strong with elegance or keep it separate- try aluminum and wooden villas

A fact- it's okay to cut down trees which are old. 2 reasons- there's enough wood for purposes like building a house, for fire, etc. another reason being, if a new tree is planted instead, the oxygen levels shall rise in no time, positively leaving an impact on the environment, say several researches. Be carefree about the accessibility and affordability of a material as versatile as wood- we have it all settled for you.

The fantastic high quality to-weight proportion of aluminum makes it conceivable to configure light structures with uncommon solidness. The utilization of aluminum furnishes planners with the way to meet required execution determinations, while limiting consumption on establishments. On account of the metal's inalienable quality, aluminum windows and drape divider casings can be exceptionally thin, amplifying sun oriented increases for given external measurements. Not withstanding which, the material's light weight makes it less expensive and less demanding to transport and handle nearby and lessens the danger of business related damage.

Aluminum Prefab house Aluminum Prefab house Aluminum Prefab house
Aluminum Prefab house Aluminum Prefab house Aluminum Prefab house


Be it separate or combined together, aluminum and wooden homes is just the choice you must make in today's time of sustainable and cost- effective building. Also, this is just the right opportunity for you to think creatively and turn our country into something unimaginably unique with such lovely prefabricated homes.

Following are 5 reasons why aluminum is just the right choice you can make as the prime material used for your aluminum villas:

  • Lightweight- Aluminum is one of the lightest accessible business metals with a thickness around 33% that of steel or copper.
  • Brilliant Consumption Protection- Aluminum has brilliant protection from consumption because of the thin layer of aluminum oxide that structures on the surface of aluminum when it is presented to air
  • Solid at Low Temperatures- Where as steel ends up plainly weak at low temperatures, aluminum increments in elasticity and holds great sturdiness.
  • Simple to Work- Aluminum can be effortlessly manufactured into different structures, for example, thwart, sheets, geometric shapes, pole, tube and wire.
  • Simple Surface Treatment- For some applications, aluminum requires no defensive or enlivening covering; the surface provided is completely satisfactory without additionally wrapping up

Following are 5 reasons why wood is just the right choice you can make as the prime material used for your wooden homes in India:

  • Renewable and eco- friendly resource- As we all know, wood is a renewable resource which if cut down and replaced, leaves a positive impact on the environment!
  • Project saving time- Some reasons include the availability of the material, usability etc. leading to less time consumption. Also, since most of the work is done off- site, there's a 70% dip in the time consumption of any kind of prefab home- be it container homes or, kiosks, it's going to be less!
  • Low carbon footprint- Wood homes or, wood as a material does not give out too much carbon emission. In fact, as per research, it's one of the lowest carbon emission footprint material
  • Aesthetic appeal- Wood has been made used of over centuries altogether. The wooden carvings, the textures, its uniqueness is something which is irreplaceable and impeccable.
  • Resistant to high temperatures- Wood is known for its neutral temperature quality. Wood has the ability to neutralize no matter how hot or cold it is outside the house!

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